Doe3D is an effort to consolidate resources and information to support the 3D digitization of unidentified remains cases in the United States and to encourage the sharing of knowledge and resources regarding digitization, so that ultimately, new methods can be quickly applied to cases to assist in identification.

Forensic agencies and forensic identification practitioners can seek out imaging and 3D digitization resources, while imaging specialists can list their services and provide imaging guidance. Digitization can be collected for skeletal remains, faces, tattoos, and personal effects.

Doe3D can host 3D models of scanned remains for private access to case custodians, forensic anthropologists, and forensic imaging specialists, as approved per agency. Doe3D can also host 3D models for public display, including 3D facial approximations, 3D body models, clothing, etc. Links to all generated 3D images can be added to NamUs profiles.



  • 3D scanning provides a permanent digital archive of remains in case of burial, cremation, damage, or misplacement.

  • 3D digital models can be retrieved for future skeletal or dental analyses.

Facial Approximation

  • 3D skull models can be used to generate correctly oriented frontal or profile images.

  • 2D images and/or 3D models can be digitally transmitted to a forensic artist, rather than repeated transfer of physical remains.

  • Skull fragments or skull and mandible can be digitally assembled into anatomically correct positions.

  • Damaged skulls can be digitally repaired.

New Images

  • Digital removal of dirt, tissue, etc.

  • Generate more appropriate images for press releases and web display.

  • Clean dental images for comparison to missing person photos.

  • Allow for 3D editing and cleaning of postmortem photos.

Skeletal Biometrics

  • 3D skeletal models would be ready for modern computational skeletal analysis tools as they are developed.

  • 3D skulls or crania can be used for digital comparison to suspected missing person photos.


  • Request imaging services directly from a listed provider or using this form.

  • Send remains or images to imaging provider, if required, or work with provider for on-site imaging.

  • Receive requested images, 3D models, 3D printed models, and/or links to media.

  • If identification is achieved, please notify Doe3D using this form so that all images/media can be removed from repositories.